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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Garage-Pak?
What is the working pressure of the system?
How does it work?
What certifications do you have?
What is the warranty?
What advantages does Garage Pak have over conventional pipe systems?
How do the "Air Drops" work?
How do I hang the pipe?
I'm ready to get started, what now?
What are the components of the system?
How can I learn more?
What is Garage-Pak?
  Garage-Pak is a complete, simple to install compressed air delivery system for Garage or Business. ( see the “Learn More” section)
What is the working pressure of the system?
  Working pressure is from 29.6" vacuum to 232 PSI across the temperature range.
How does it work?
  Garage-Pak uses Transair push-to-connect pipe technology. Transair is a large multi-national corporation with over 20,000 industrial and automotive related piping installations worldwide.
What certifications do you have?
  Garage Pak meets the requirements of ASME 31.1 piping code as well as being TUV certified (TUV is the world leader in performance based certification). Garage Pak fittings conform to UL94HB, and mounting clips conform to UL94V-2. All Garage Pak components are non-flammable, with no propagation of flame.
What is the warranty?
  Satisfaction Guaranteed. Garage Pak warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years from date of purchase. In addition, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of purchase, we will refund your purchase price less shipping and handling.
What advantages does Garage Pak have over conventional pipe systems?
  Garage Pak pipe systems are quick to install, and ready for immediate pressurization. The aluminum pipe ensures a total absence of corrosion which affects galvanized and carbon steel pipe.

The “full flow” design of components, low friction coefficient of aluminum pipe and our leak free sealing technology, ensure optimal and constant flow. Our pipe is lightweight, easy to maneuver for easy on-site handling, yet rigid and long lasting.

No glues as is required for PVC (which is very dangerous and fragments when burst occurs). No open flames required, as is required for copper systems

How do the "Air Drops" work?

Garage Pak offers two ways to install an air drop from the main pipe header. The simplest method is to use a tee. Simply cut the pipe in the location you wish to place the tee and insert a pipe section into the downward pointing end of the tee. If you prefer a hose drop (a hose coming off of the main pipe header), insert a stem connector into the downward pointing end of the tee. The stem connector has a 1/2" male NPT thread on the end, on which you can thread your hose end or a quick disconnect coupler.

Another air drop method uses the patented air drop bracket (quick assembly bracket or mini-bracket with thread). This fitting takes air near the top of the pipe ensuring no water condensate will find its way to your air tool or coupler. If you prefer to use an air drop bracket, you will need to drill a hole in the pipe at the location you want your air drop (Garage-Pak hole saw and drill needed for this operation).

Simply open the bracket and let the self-aligning o-ring seat itself in the pre-cut hole. Now tighten with a screwdriver. That’s it. If you’re using a pipe-to-pipe drop (Garage-Pak quick assembly bracket), add a length of pipe and connect to a double-ported wall bracket and you’re done.

How do I hang the pipe?
  Garage-Pak includes it’s own pipe hangers which are very easy to use. Simply, install the hanger using the type of anchor required for the situation, i.e. hollow wall, wood screw, cement screw, etc. and snap the pipe into place. A hanger every five feet is a good idea.
What are the components of the system?
  The fittings are nylon 6-6, 30% glass fiber reinforced. The pipe is aluminum 6063-T5, powder coated, and supplied in nine foot lengths. Garage-Pak is compatible with all known compressor lubricants including synthetics, and guaranteed 100% silicone free.
I'm ready to get started, what now?
  Our agents are ready to assist you with picking the right size kit , and full installation instructions. If you are ready to get started, we are just a phone call away. Our toll free support line is (877) 236-6076.
How can I learn more?

Simply contact us either by email or by telephone at (877) 236-6076

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"Garage Pak's innovative compressed air piping solution makes the installation of compressor piping fast, and professional. Say goodbye to the high cost and contamination issues related to black iron pipe installation."

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