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C9000 Saftey Coupler for Garage Pak Compressed Air Piping Systems

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The Transair C9000 is an innovative safety coupler for pneumatic applications.

This coupler’s unique two-turn release quickly vents down stream air-pressure before disconnecting – preventing serious injuries associated with hose whip.
The C9000 is made from a tough composite material. This material will stand up to the most abusive applications, yet is light weight. The composite body will not mar an auto body either!

Ergonomic Performance: Ease of Operation
Each detail of C9000 is designed with the requirements of industrial users in mind.
easy to use, lightweight materials and effortless connection
easy to handle with non-slip surface
easy to identify, clearly marked with profile design, part number and disconnection steps

Technical Specifications
excellent flow characteristic
maintains excellent sealing characteristics, even after 2 million cycles
tough, impact resistant material
no accidental disconnection as with buttons or collars
1, 2 disconnect.


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"Garage Pak's innovative compressed air piping solution makes the installation of compressor piping fast, and professional. Say goodbye to the high cost and contamination issues related to black iron pipe installation."

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