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Installation Information

Congratulations! You have just purchased the easiest to install air-piping system in the World! In fact, it’s so easy we even provide the tools in the kit so relax and enjoy installing your Garage-Pak pipe system.
Depending on which kit you have purchased, you system will arrive in several boxes. Now is a good time to check your inventory. The pipe is supplied in 9-foot lengths, but cutting is easy using a standard tubing cutter (not provided).

The Two Bay Pak comes with one pre-cut hose assembly. The Three Bay and Commercial Three Bay Paks come with two pre-cut hose assemblies. One hose assembly is used for the compressor hook up. The other hose assembly (provided in Three Bay and Commercial Three Bay Paks only) is used for a hose reel.
Every piece of prepared pipe has a mark to indicate the pipe has been inserted fully. If you cut a piece of pipe, take the marking tool, and using a felt tip pen, mark the line across the pipe showing the proper insertion depth (see figure 1).

Take the pipe and push it firmly into the fitting. No need to unscrew nuts, as they are pre tightened at the factory, simply push the pipe in fully, and you’re done. If you need to remove the pipe, simply unscrew the nut a turn, and pull it out (see figure 2).

To reinstall, tighten the nut to the torque marks and insert (see figure 3).

To cut a section of pipe, simply use the tubing cutter, run it around the pipe making a smooth clean cut, and de bur using a chamfer tool (see figure 4).

Remember to mark all cut pipe with an insertion guideline.

Now we are ready to install Garage-Pak. If space permits, lay out your system on the floor to get an idea of how it will look when installed. This also will allow you to use a full 9 foot section of pipe whenever possible.

Always start at the compressor. Use one of the supplied rubber hose assemblies. Attach the MNPT 1/2” end to the outlet on your compressor and the other end FNPT ½” to the male connector provided. If you have a Commercial Three Bay kit or have an optional ball valve for system shut off, this is a great place to install it.

Use a short section of pipe here. Insert the short section of pipe into the male connector, push the ball valve on and the just continue with pipe, and unions in the same fashion.
Each kit comes with plenty of hanging clips to fix your air pipe to any type of structure. The clip comes with a ¼ -20 nut. Most small shops will only require a hollow wall anchor or wood screws. For hollow walls, cement block or wood, take the clip and remove the nut by punching it through with a screwdriver. Now you can use any type of anchor you like. For small shops, clips can be installed as you go. For larger shops, it is a good idea to install the clips first (see figure 5).

Use 2-3 clips per pipe section; one in the middle and one near each union is a good idea (see figure 6).

Continue along in this fashion, connecting pipe to unions, securing with hanging clips until you get to the point where your first drop will be located.
Decide where you want your drop. You can either use a tee (with a stem connector if you want a male thread connection for a hose) or our patented air drop bracket. If you are using a tee, just cut the pipe where you want to place the tee. If you are using an air drop bracket, you will need to drill a hole in the pipe at the location you want your air drop (Garage-Pak hole saw and drill needed for this operation).

Simply open the bracket and let the self-aligning o-ring seat itself in the pre-cut hole. Now tighten with a screwdriver. That’s it. If you’re using a pipe-to-pipe drop (Garage-Pak quick assembly bracket), add a length of pipe and connect to a double-ported wall bracket and you’re done.
Continue along the entire length of your system in this manner. If your pipe system will terminate at a hose reel, use the supplied hose and screw it to the male connector at one end (½” MNPT and the other end to the inlet of the hose reel, 3/8” FNPT. Be sure to secure your hose reel adequately. If your not using a hose reel, simply terminate your pipe using the provided end cap fitting.

You may use a pipe-to-pipe drop (Garage-Pak quick assembly bracket) with a double-ported wall bracket or a threaded drop (Garage-Pak mini-bracket with thread) if you’re using a coil hose or installing a coupler.
Now that we have our pipe installed, go back and ensure that all pipe is fully inserted into the fittings. Check the insertion marks on each piece of pipe. If your system has a ball valve, make sure it is in the off position, and once the compressor is loaded, slowly open your valve and pressurize the system.

If you hear any air leaking, (which is very rare), there may be a piece of debris between a fitting and the pipe. Simply depressurize the system, and turn the fitting slightly, which cleans the seal. Garage-Pak is rated at a much higher pressure than standard uses for compressed air.

The normal range for air tools is between 90 – 125 psi.

Congratulations! You have installed Garage-Pak, the best air delivery system in the world. You have joined thousands of satisfied customers who enjoy the benefits of clean, safe, and modular air piping.

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"Garage Pak's innovative compressed air piping solution makes the installation of compressor piping fast, and professional. Say goodbye to the high cost and contamination issues related to black iron pipe installation."

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