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Piping Made Simple!

The Simplest compressed air piping system for operating any type of air tools or spray equipment in your garage!

Garage Pak Compressed Air Piping

  • Push pipe into fittings to join and automatically seal pipes.
  • Completely air tight.
  • No solder, gluing, or threading of pipe.
  • No special tools needed for assembly.
  • Extremely FAST & EASY to install! Ideal for the home garage or repair shop air tools and accessories.
  • Plan on moving? The compressed air piping system can be disassembled and moved to a new location.
  • High-Tech. Used by thousands of industrial manufacturing facilities world-wide.
  • You can operate virtually any compressed air tools.
  • Use by many racing teams!!

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The Garage Pak compressed air piping system consists of four pre-packaged kits: the One Bay Package, Two Bay Package, Three Bay Package and Commercial Three Bay professional Package.

Each air piping kit contains powder coated aluminum pipe, nylon fittings, various types of air drops, brackets, our award winning safety couplers, in fact everything you will need to pipe your, garage, shop, or business. With each kit level you get more pipe and options to accommodate every type of home garage or body shop.

Both the Three Bay Package and Commercial Three Bay Professional Packages include optional hose reel solutions.

Garage Pak has thought of everything from ball valves, double-ported wall brackets, hanging brackets to hose reels. It’s the most complete, ready to install piping system in the World. This product makes installing your air piping a fast, fun, and safe task which can be done in a fraction of the time it takes to install conventional piping leaving you more time to start working on that dream car or project.

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"Garage Pak's innovative compressed air piping solution makes the installation of compressor piping fast, and professional. Say goodbye to the high cost and contamination issues related to black iron pipe installation."

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